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Major launch at Agritechnica 12.11.2023

AGRITECHNICA – 12. – 18. November 2023 in Hanover

AGCO Power is presenting its latest solutions, including our Wider Spectrum Of Power concept, in Agritechnica 2023 in Hannover, Germany, November 12-18th at hall 20, booth B39.

The carbon-free future of farming calls for a wider spectrum of power. HVO fuel, hydrogen, battery electric or mild hybrid – at AGCO Power booth you can get a glimpse of the wide front we do research in.


Agritechnica 2023 marks a historical year for AGCO Power. For the first time, we go public with both a new engine model and several new concepts that broaden the range of power we offer. This is because we have a mission: to keep the carbon footprint of farming in a sustainable level in the future as well.

The farming is reshaping itself, and our concepts present practical solutions for the many possible directions it can take. There is no better place to present our ideas than Agritechnica 2023, so we have opted for strong presence and a large booth filled with future technologies – from a new engine to a smart grid concept. Welcome to see the wider spectrum of power!


Technical innovations – the key to green productivity. Meet global players, hidden champions, innovators and visionaries. All will inspire with solutions for the complex challenges of global crop production.



Experience AGRITECHNICA with AGCO Power

Where: Hanover, Germany
When: November 12th-18th, 2023
Our location: Hall 20, booth B39

We would be happy to meet and talk more at the trade fair. Send us an email at to schedule a meeting.

Wider Spectrum of Power at Agritechnica Speakers Forum

Save the date: Monday 13th 11:30 AM

Reducing engine emissions in agriculture. How to cut 11 gigatons from the farming CO2 emissions by 2050? Mr. Jarno Ratia, Director of Product Management, Global Engines, AGCO Power and Mr. Kelvin Bennett AGCO Senior Vice President, Engineering study in their presentatiton the potential different power generation technologies have on a journey towards emission-free future of farming.








Expert panel at Agritechnica Speakers Forum

Save the date: Tuesday 14th 11–12 AM

Electrification of Agricultural Equipment: A Silent Revolution

AGCO Power’s Director of Engineering, Mr. Kari Aaltonen is hosting a panel with other industry experts about the hot topic of electrification. What are the prospects of quiet, emission-free tractors? How mature is the current technology? Save the date and hear it from the experts!


The power to renew. Thinking further ahead.

Power is at the core

Our all-new CORE engine platform is ready to power the future.

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