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Power to ship

Maritime travel is the backbone of global trade. With the sea-proven engines by AGCO Power, people and goods are moved safely and reliably – both on sea and freshwater waterways.


Maritime use sets special demands for engine. First, the limited space means the engine must be compact to fit the vessel and provide room for easy maintenance. And most importantly, the engine must not fail you under any circumstances.


The wide range of marine engines by AGCO power are tried and tested in all imaginable conditions. Based on structure honed to perfection in agricultural and industrial engines, they have undergone thousands of hours of heavy use. They are compact in size and easy to maintain. Available for planing, semi-planing and deep-drawing boats, they offer a safe choice for every power need.


To keep the oceans clean, maritime engines by AGCO Power fulfill the most stringent emission standards. Solutions are also available for less regulated regions.

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