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Major launch at Agritechnica 12.11.2023

The Power to renew

Working requires power and torque. The more you have, the more you get done. While the way we create power is reshaping itself, one thing remains: the need to get the job done, smoothly and efficiently. Whatever the source of energy will be, it is our duty to make the most out of it. Convert it to work without wasting any.

What will power the work of tomorrow? At AGCO Power, we believe it depends on the application. Electricity has excellent torque, flexibility and zero emissions on its side. Hydrogen produces emission-free electricity and engine power with fast refueling. HVO and other liquid fuels offer low emissions, easy storage and often excellent energy density. And hybrid solutions will combine these benefits. Whatever will power the future, we will make it work – for you.

AGCO Power technology road map

We research on a wide front, exploring many technologies at once – some of which are available already, some of which may only see commercial applications many years from now.

Be first to know when the spectrum widens:



CORE50 eHydrogen – the best of hydrogen and electricity

The AGCO Power CORE engine platform is more flexible than anything else currently in the market. The 5-liter CORE50 engine has been converted to emission-free hydrogen engine prototype. For added power and torque, it is fitted with battery electric drivetrain components. This eHydrogen mild hybrid concept combines the best of hydrogen and electricity.

e100 Vario Range Extender – single charge, double hours

The fuel-cell-based AGCO Power e100 Vario Range Extender concept doubles the operating time of the existing Fendt e100 Vario electric tractor from four to up to eight hours. The system reforms fossil-free green methanol into hydrogen, which is further converted into electricity that charges the tractor batteries while working.

AGCO Power Microgrid – Take control of your power

The AGCO Power Microgrid concept is aimed to answer today’s challenges about the price, availability and management of electric power. It is a personal smart grid concept that provides reliable, uninterrupted power from the source that is the least expensive at a given time. Power from the grid, your own wind or solar plant, a backup generator or a battery pack – the Microgrid concept contains the intelligence that controls the power sources and storage for your farm or the entire community.


The AGCO Power HYBRID solutions combine the CORE engines with various electric engine and powertrain components for greater efficiency and autonomy. They offer the best of combustion and electric engine technologies, raising internal combustion technology to the future level.


The AGCO Power FUEL CELL line brings agricultural and contracting world to the zero-emission era. Converting hydrogen or other fuels to a safe source of electricity, it offers all the benefits of the flexible electrical powertrain without the need for battery.


The AGCO Power ELECTRIC line recharges the way we work. The flexible power, incredible torque and excellent controllability of a full-electric operation combined with the latest battery technology opens new doors for emission-free urban contracting work, particularly in lower power classes.


The latest model in the most advanced line of diesel engines on the market today.

Reducing engine emissions in agriculture

Video series: The wider spectrum of power

What will power tomorrow’s farming? What are the pros and cons of different technologies – HVO, hydrogen, battery electric and their combinations? When will the alternative fuels be mature enough for market? The AGCO Power expert video series sheds light on the future of power.

In this video series, you can join the journey towards a zero-emissions future.