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Where power is needed

Located in Linnavuori, Finland, and with manufacturing units in China, Brazil and Argentina, AGCO Power is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines. Formerly known as Sisu Diesel and part of the AGCO concern since 2008, AGCO Power has been bringing reliable power to where it is needed for nearly 80 years.


Our diesel engines, from big and powerful to small but tough, power many of the world’s biggest tractor brands as well as other agricultural machinery. Also many ships, generators, pumps and power stations rely on AGCO Power products.


What all of our products share is reliability, economy, long service life and thorough engineering. With a personnel of over 1000, our plants in four countries manufacture some 30 000 diesel engines every year. What’s more, we produce custom transmission and power train parts, all manufactured to the highest specification.

AGCO Power values:

Team Spirit – Respect – Accountability – Integrity – Transparency

Environmental certificates

AGCO Power is dedicated to designing industry-leading, sustainable power solutions for off-highway use. This means ensuring that our products and manufacturing operations are as sustainable as possible and we are actively decarbonizing our key manufacturing operations.

As such, AGCO Power has the following ISO environmental certificates:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001


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