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Number of cylinders


Max output

223 kW / 1600 rpm

Max torque

1450 Nm / 1300 rpm

Emission class:

EU Stage V

Times change. Power remains.

AGCO Power CORE is an exceptional diesel engine family with its excellent fuel economy, reliable low-speed concept and a streamlined design that enables higher quality with fewer parts. Rigorously tested and crafted, AGCO Power CORE family is a reliable source of low-emission power for all off-road applications in the 100–250 kW range. But it is also a flexible platform designed with alternative fuels in mind, making the basic structure viable for future engine variants as well. AGCO Power CORE is ready to power the tomorrow.

AGCO Power CORE logo


CORE75 is an all-new 250 kW 7.5-liter diesel unit with excellent torque, fuel economy and reliability. Optimized for today’s off-road use, its features ensure versatile power – such as excellent torque in low RPM, responsive dynamics and an advanced emission control system.

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Power for the changing work

High response with superior torque

A wide range of useful torque with excellent dynamics makes the engine extremely responsive.

AGCO Power CORE75 has a torque of 1450 Nm,
highest in its power class.*

Best fuel economy with low-speed concept

AGCO Power CORE75 is designed to offer maximal torque at 1300 RPM instead of the more typical 1500 RPM. This low-speed concept enables the best fuel economy in the market today – 188 g / kWh – as well as lower noise level.

Robust and reliable structure

AGCO Power CORE75 has been designed from the ground up to be extremely robust while having 25% fewer parts and is EGR-free, making the engine more reliable and easier to service.

Designed for economical ownership

AGCO Power CORE75 is made for economical long-term use. It has excellent fuel efficiency, while the superb engine integration and fewer parts enable long engine lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

Sustainable power

AGCO Power CORE75 meets the most stringent emission standards and the platform is prepared to fulfill future emission requirements. Fuel efficiency, long engine lifetime and HVO (up to 90% less GHG emissions) compatibility guarantee sustainable performance without compromise. Today and tomorrow.

*less than 250 kW


Power is at the CORE

The new Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7
is powered by the AGCO Power