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Research and development


The StreamLINe project 

In 2019 an investment program worth over 100 million euros began in AGCO Power’s Linnavuori business unit with the aim to expand and modernize manufacturing, assembly and logistics. A major part of the investment was a new, highly automated assembly plant and logistics center. Smart automation enables humans to work together with robots safely, increasing safety, quality and ergonomics. Improvements in the manufacturing process significantly increase cleanliness of the plant – improving both air quality and effect to the plant’s surroundings


R&D towards the hydrogen era

AGCO Power, as part of the Clean Propulsion Technologies consortium aims by 2030 develop an alternative-fuel powered powertrain that aims to meet and exceed the performance requirements of today. Additionally, various internal projects are underway to research the viability of hybrid and hydrogen powertrain solutions that can be applied to all applications currently served by AGCO Power. These developments will secure continued compliance with emission and greenhouse gas regulations.

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