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Power to customize

Reliable power, according to specifications and with minimal fuss – that is the wish list of many machine manufacturers from wheeled loaders to forestry machinery. With our broad engine portfolio and willingness to tailor made custom solutions, AGCO Power is the reliable provider of flexible power.


With industrial engines, efficiency is an important factor. AGCO Power engines boast a low fuel consumption, giving the machine manufacturer a competitive edge. What’s more. the industrial power solutions by AGCO Power fulfill the most stringent emission standards, even though the solutions are available for less regulated regions as well. Also noise emissions are minimized, making the 6-sylinder AGCO Power engine very suitable for use in densely populated areas with strict noise regulations.


One of our customers, Markus Möller, marketing and sales manager at Ljungby Maskin, says “It is really important that the engines have low fuel consumption and that they are powerful and reliable. At the same time, it must be nicely packaged and the engines must fit in our machines. AGCO certainly live up to that.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

What are you looking for?

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Limit the number of cylinders

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