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Power brings security

In all the turmoil in the world, self-sufficiency is taking on a new value. A reliable, predictable standby power is your insurance against supply shortages, peak loads and cost fluctuations – today and tomorrow.

AGCO Power’s domestic expertise, flexible production and our ability to combine different technologies create security for your operations of today and a strong foundation for the growth of tomorrow. Whether you are building new facilities or improving old ones, AGCO Power brings you security of power supply.

Trust from purchasing to maintenance

Standby power is all about trust. Both the generator and the partner must shoulder their responsibility throughout the life cycle of the overall solution. AGCO Power is a dependable supplier with decades of experience in ensuring the continuity of power generation. We are your backup power, from the steady first steps of the standby power project all the way to its controlled deployment.

Project expertise from the start

Standby power is more than just pieces of equipment. It involves managing entire power generation systems and understanding your needs. From assessment to deployment, from scheduling to service agreements – the AGCO Power team of experts is your resource for the standby power project.

Carefree purchasing

We have served in many turning points, from the post-war rebuilding of energy production to the emission-free power of the future. Our extensive experience, deep expertise and operative flexibility guarantee that we are always your trustworthy partner when purchasing a standby power solution.

Operation without interruptions

To secure your energy supply in every situation, we support your uninterrupted operation. We help you deploy your equipment and systems effectively, provide user training and take care of your standby power throughout its life cycle by regular maintenance, testing, professional repairs and modernizations.

AGCO Power Microgrid concept

Take control of your own electric power. The AGCO Power Microgrid concept helps farmers or entire communities build their own smart electrical grids.

Forward-looking experience

AGCO Power built its first generators as early as 1952. As a part of a diesel engine production plant, expertise in engines is another one of our strengths. AGCO Power Oy is a large and financially stable company, which makes us a reliable partner for the supply of large-scale systems as well as smaller installations. AGCO Power is part of the global AGCO Group, whose substantial investments in production and product development ensure that we remain among top experts of power generation in the future.

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