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Major launch at Agritechnica 12.11.2023

Future solutions

The challenge: carbon-free farming.
The solution: wider spectrum of power.

The future of farming is shaped now. To decarbonize agriculture, new power sources must be developed on a wide front. To drive the progress, AGCO Power has been developing several technologies for different needs. From HVO to hydrogen hybrid concept, from innovative battery range extender to private smart grid concepts – the future technologies are here.

Explore at the AGCO Power roadmap to zero carbon farming.

Reducing engine emissions in agriculture

Wider Spectrum Of Power video series

We develop the whole wide spectrum of efficient power. From meticulously perfecting the current technologies to curiously exploring the most promising future power sources, we always look further ahead. We dream big but verify our ideas with a rock-solid engineering background. We create power that stands the test of time.

In this video series, you can join the journey towards a zero-emissions future.


Power to evolve

The future of farming needs a wide spectrum of power. Different applications from zero-emission urban contracting to vast fields or distant forests require power sources to match. Changing legislations call for a broad range of options. Evolving technologies call for more research on the most promising ones.

We research on a wide front, exploring many technologies at once – some of which are available already, some of which may only see commercial applications many years from now.

Powering the future requires combining decades of engineering excellence with forward-looking, visionary technologies. That is the AGCO Power spirit of pushing the technological boundaries – to widen the available spectrum of power.

Be first to know when the Spectrum widens:

The 11 gigaton challenge – Eric Hansotia and the future of farming

According to scientific studies, keeping the agriculture sustainable requires a massive reduction of carbon emissions. AGCO CEO Eric Hansotia talks about the means to cut 11 gigatons of CO2.

HVO – the fossil-free alternative to diesel fuel

Get your engine running – fossil-free today. The engine is as clean as the fuel it uses. HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a fossil-free fuel that by itself can lower the carbon footprint by up to 90%.


Both ecological and social sustainability and responsibility are deep-rooted in AGCO Power company DNA. Our Nordic ideal of working in balance with the environment has encouraged us to minimize the environmental impact of our entire value chain.

Research and development

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, the only way is forward. By making the current technologies as clean as possible – in compliance to the Stage V emission regulations – and by researching alternative power sources such as hydrogen, we are building the future of power.

Power is at the core

Our all-new CORE engine platform is ready to power the future.

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