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Future solutions

The world of power generation is in a constant change – now more profoundly than ever. The new landscape is defined by tighter emission control, need for sustainability, smaller carbon footprint, search for alternative fuels and much more. 

To secure the efficient, reliable and low-emission power in the future as well, AGCO Power does not just follow the latest trends. We shape them, setting new standards for our own operation. We welcome the future.


Sustainability and responsibility – both ecological and social – are deep-rooted in AGCO Power company DNA as well in our current strategy. Our Nordic ideal of working in balance with the environment has encouraged us to minimize the environmental impact of our entire value chain. We are working on several levels from bio-based fuels to company-wide development project to constantly increase the sustainability of our operations.

Research and development

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, the only way is forward. By making the current technologies as clean as possible – in compliance to the Stage V emission regulations – and by researching alternative power sources such as hydrogen, we are building the future of power.

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