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Once the power is used in the fields, at sea, in the construction sites or for providing electricity for critical applications, it must be maintained. As an OEM manufacturer, your competitive edge needs minimal downtime, predictable costs and service with spares, factory-reconditioned engines and expert support. At AGCO Power, we look after our power. From start to finish.


In AGCO Power After Sales, we offer services, spare parts as well as remanufactured and special application engines through the organizations of our machine manufacturer customers. If you are an AGCO Power engine end user and need support, please contact your vehicle distributor or manufacturer directly.


Spare parts

The original OEM components ensure your engine has a long, trouble-free service life. With original features and guaranteed correct fit, they are easy to install and perform flawlessly. This means minimal downtime and maximal productivity. What’s more, the R&D improvements made during the product life cycle are updated to the spare parts as well. That’s why the original AGCO Power OEM components offer exceptional value.


Original tools 

In addition to single spare parts, AGCO Power offers many solutions for fixing the engine and its components. For this purpose, we offer special tools and repair kits. We also provide documentation and instructions for maintenance and repair.


Remanufactured engines

AGCO Power produces different engine versions for spare parts purposes. These include short blocks, long blocks and complete engines as factory repaired REMAN versions as well as new versions depending on the age and type of the original engine. REMAN engine is a safe and cost-effective way to extend your machine lifetime because of their fast delivery and predictable, competitive pricing. In many cases, we also pay deposit from your used engine. Remanufacturing is done using only original parts and by adhering to standardized quality processes and the environmental norms of waste treatment. Also single components, such as parts for injection systems, are available as REMAN versions.


Before ordering

To ensure the validity of the ordered engine or component, please clarify the engine serial number before the enquiry-order phase. This information is needed to serve you as effectively as possible.



Using genuine AGCO Power spare parts in compliance with the AGCO Power service recommendations is the condition for guaranteed safe, trouble-free operation. By following these instructions, significant savings in fuel, lubrication, spare parts and repair costs are achieved. At the same time, critical reductions in repair times can also be achieved.

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