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15 November 2023

Helping the farmer achieve sustainable results with award-winning Fendt 728 Vario tractor

The Välikoski family farm goes back a long way. Today the work continues in the sixteenth generation with owner Tuomas Välikoski. The farm produces cereal crops, mainly wheat along with a rotation of other crops. Most of the wheat goes to the farm’s poultry, while the other crops are sold.

Among the main tools needed at the Välikoski farm is the tractor. It is devoted mainly to work on the fields but is also used for earthmoving and transporting gravel. Meanwhile, with long distances between fields, there is plenty of driving on the roads. The tractor and its engine are thus required to adapt to a variety of tasks.

Fendt is a manufacturer of various agricultural machinery and has been manufacturing tractors since 1930. Intended for larger farms and contractors, the Fendt 700 series of tractors has several models with engines between 200 and 300 horsepower. Both Fendt and AGCO Power are part of AGCO, which enables a close working relationship from the very beginning of the tractor design process.

The CORE75 engine delivers powerful efficiency

According to Marko Niemi, Commercial Manager for Fendt under AGCO Suomi Oy, the engineers at AGCO Power and Fendt have worked closely together on the Fendt 700 series of tractors. The tractors are fitted with the AGCO Power CORE75 engine. It is specifically designed for the 700 series as a versatile engine prioritizing usability and very low fuel consumption. The Fendt 728 Vario recently achieved the top score in DLG PowerMix test for fuel efficiency, with 5 % improvement over the closest competitor.

In actual use at the farm, farmer Tuomas Välikoski appreciates the capabilities of the Fendt 728: “The Fendt 728 feels much smaller than it is. Also, the engine delivers torque even at the lower RPM. Overall, the engine works very well and feels very powerful over a wide range of RPM.”

Neste MY Diesel completes a greener picture

Neste MY Renewable Diesel fuels AGCO Power and Fendt’s ambition to minimize the environmental impact of their product. Made entirely of renewable materials, Neste MY Diesel together with the fuel efficiency of the CORE75 ensure a low carbon footprint. “Thanks to the AGCO Power CORE75 engine, the Fendt user can now reduce greenhouse emissions by 75-95 %with Neste MY Diesel. This is something you can already do today”, Niemi says.

For Välikoski, the tractor’s low fuel consumption means a more environmentally friendly way to do business, but it is also more economically sustainable: “Fuel economy is important for us. Saving all that fuel is good for the planet. It’s also good economically because that money is better spent when it’s not burned on fuel and polluting the air.”

All in all, Välikoski feels he has the right tool for the job in the Fendt 728: “I can recommend the Fendt 728. It feels like a good and reliable tractor. The new CORE75 engine also feels good and does a great job, and it’s made in Finland.”