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AGCO Power CORE engine family


The new engine platform
is ready to power the future.

  1. High response with superior torque
  2. Best fuel economy with low-speed concept
  3. Robust and reliable structure
  4. Designed for economical ownership
  5. Sustainable power
  6. Can be converted to use hydrogen or other alternative fuels



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Power to versatile work

Versatility is at the core of today’s contracting. Your machine lends itself to a staggering variety of tasks – from efficient field work to fast road transports, from forestry tasks to salvaging operations. With the AGCO Power CORE under the hood, your machine is ready for anything.

The versatility begins by having the power when you need it. AGCO Power CORE offers you a wide range of useful torque and responds quickly to your power needs. Available in 100–250 kW range, AGCO Power CORE can power tractors, loaders, harvesters, forestry machinery – most off-road applications you need reliable power for.


The latest model in the most advanced line of diesel engines on the market today.




More than one way to reduce agricultural emissions

AGCO Power unveils a wide range of solutions from alternative fuels to electric systems at Agritechnica.