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20 April 2023

AGCO Power Brazil celebrates 30 years of operations

AGCO Power’s history began 80 years ago in Finland, in a village called Linnavuori. At that time, it started with the production of aircraft engines, and after World War II repairs of military products including engines. In 1947, the development of 4-cylinder engines began with the intention of equipping the first Valmet tractor, powered by gasoline or oil.

Since then, the Linnavuori factory has undergone several transformations and names, such as Valmet, Sisu Diesel and today AGCO Power.

From humble beginnings to global operations

In 1993 AGCO Power expanded operations to Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Today becomes even more special when we have the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary in Brazil and also the production of 300,000 engines at our factory in Mogi das Cruzes, which makes us even more proud and fills us with desire to produce another 300,000 engines!

And we certainly don’t need to wait another 30 years to reach this number, because considering the rapid growth of AGCO in the world, and consequently in Brazil, we will certainly reach the mark of 600,000 engines in little more than a decade – and we are getting ready for it!

Strong dealer networks and investments to production key to success

Currently, AGCO Power engines are recognized in the agricultural market for their fuel economy, superior performance, easy maintenance and quick access to spare parts due to our strong network of dealerships throughout Brazil and South America. Our after-sales team is always attentive and close to our customers to provide quick technical support and assistance to the farmer.

AGCO Power is investing heavily in technology and bringing the best in terms of machinery and equipment to our factory in Mogi das Cruzes. This ensures that the products we manufacture are high quality, robust and reliable. The same applies to our engine plant in General Rodriguez, Argentina.

In addition to implementing new technologies, these investments will allow us to increase our volume of machined parts and engine production.

Employee well-being and the customer are at the core

The well-being and safety of our employees is essential for AGCO. Ensuring a good administrative and manufacturing work environment is a constant concern of our leadership team, and for that, we are using our best practices and experiences to shape our beliefs, which have boosted our actions and results – this is the culture we want for AGCO.

All these investments and actions towards AGCO Power employees and customers have raised AGCO Power’s operations in Brazil to a new level and they enable us to deliver a product that meets the needs of the farmers in the field as well as the OEM customers and they improve machine availability and technological solutions for our common rail engines as well.

Through teamwork and team building we achieve our strategic goal – Farmer First.