AGCO SISU POWER launched new innovative 7-cylinder 9,8 litre engine

NEW 7-CYLINDER SISUPOWER ENGINE IN 400-500 HP CLASS Big 10-litre SISUPOWER implement engine to enter production in 2009.

AGCO SISU POWER is introducing a new seven-cylinder implement engine in the big 400-500 hp class. The demand for higher outputs to power different types of machinery has increased and is likely to continue doing so. This applies to harvesters, tractors, container handling machines, bulldozers, aggregates and other implements. There has not been a lot of choice among implement engines in this power class, so Sisu Power began considering the possibility of offering increased output. Since volumes are not expected to be large, at least initially, the decision was made to add a cylinder to our six-cylinder 84 CTA-4V engine. The extra cylinder in the middle offers 20 % more displacement and a corresponding increase in power and torque.

With this solution the new seven-cylinder engine can use the same timing cover, gear train from the six-cylinder engine, as well as the same flywheel housing and flywheel. A standard 4-valve cylinder head from a three-cylinder engine was used for the front and a standard four-cylinder head at the rear. Standard pistons, cylinder liners and piston rods were also used, except this time using seven instead of six. Seven common rail nozzles were also required. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) was modified to accommodate seven cylinders. Only small changes were required to the SisuTronic engine control unit. As a result, most of the parts and functions of the new seven-cylinder engine are the same as in our six-cylinder engines. This offers significant benefits in terms of costs, logistics and individual cylinder performance.

Only a few entirely new parts were needed: the cylinder pack, crankshaft, camshaft and inlet and exhaust manifolds. A new high-pressure rail was required for the fuel system to accommodate the additional cylinder. The design and function of the turbocharger are also new. The front end of the crankshaft was fitted with a relatively large vibration dampener, since the crankshaft is more flexible due to its length, thus creating more vibration. The larger vibration dampener is essential to counter this increase in vibration.

Reworking the turbocharger and designing the exhaust manifold were more challenging, but an optimal result was achieved. The flexibility of the common rail system for accommodating different numbers of cylinders was an important factor in designing the new seven-cylinder engine. The computer functions and parameters for each individual cylinder are the same as in the six-cylinder engine. The capacity of the water pump, oil pump and common rail system’s high-pressure pump is sufficient for the seven-cylinder engine. A very small amount of the inertia force created by parts moving backwards and forwards remains free in the engine, but this cannot be noticed when the engine is running due to the large number of cylinders. The structure and technology of each of the seven cylinders is precisely the same as in the six-cylinder engine, thus representing tried and tested SisuPower engineering. The new seven-cylinder engine offers an efficient and reliable source of power for large machinery. The engine noise is exotically pleasant due to the number and arrangement of the cylinders.

The initial performance values and technical specifications of the new seven-cylinder SisuPower engine are as follows:

Rated power 462 hp

Boost power 492 hp

Max. torque 1800 Nm

Piston diameter 111 mm

Piston stroke 145 mm

Number of cylinders 7

Displacement 9.8 liters

The new seven-cylinder SisuPower engine will enter serial production in the beginning of 2009. It will be initially offered with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology and conform to the Stage 3A emissions limit. At the end of 2010 it will conform to the Stage 3B emissions limit. Our family of engines will thus be expanded at the start of next year, and the two largest engines will have a displacement of 1.40 liter per cylinder. The smaller of these will be the SisuPower’s familiar 8.4-liter six-cylinder engine and the other the unique 9.8-liter seven-cylinder engine, the first in the world in this class. This demonstrates Sisu Power pioneering and innovative ability to introduce sensible new technologies for both the AGCO Corporation and other customers.

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