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12 October 2023

Working culture that is not easy to replicate

AGCO Power engines help farmers around the world meet the challenges of their work. But who are the people behind the products? The AGCO Power culture is not easy to replicate. It starts with the people.

“Our culture is the natural, discretionary effort of our people. It is what makes people say that they belong here, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help AGCO to be successful”, says AGCO’s Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer Ivory Harris.

In the video, Harris explains that a purpose is what a company does and contributes to the world that is not associated with making a profit. AGCO aims to help farmers to feed the world through challenging conditions.

When a farmer succeeds, so does AGCO Power. That is why it is in the heart of the company strategy to be a farmer-focused organization. AGGOs goal will be met also with teamwork and open discussions.

Farmer First! Speak Up! Team Up! – These three cultural beliefs support the implementation of AGCO’s strategy.  They are creating a new working culture and helping the company to take the next steps to put the success of the farmer first. 

The video also features AGCO Power Cultural Champions Pasi Sten, Outi Tervala, Eija Simelius and Anne-Mari Henttonen. They share how the three cultural beliefs manifest themselves in their work.