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15 October 2021

“We value AGCO Power’s delivery reliability”

For nearly 30 years now, Logset has manufactured their high-quality forest machines in Koivulahti, Finland. Logset’s selection of machines includes seven harvesters, seven harvester heads and seven forwarders. For almost 20 years, they have trusted AGCO Power to manufacture and supply them with engines. Thanks to the cooperation, Logset’s machines are very powerful, reliable and comply with the modern standards of the industry.

Even though Logset has focused the manufacturing of their machines in Finland, their machines are used in 25 different countries worldwide thanks to their wide reseller network. Buying a forest machine is always a big investment for the end customer and their livelihood in entirely dependent on the reliability of these machines. Therefore, it is crucial that the engines in the forest machines are reliable and of high-quality.

– We initially chose AGCO Power to be our partner, because they are a domestic operator and their engines are powerful and of high-quality, says Logset’s Purchase Manager Christian Westeråker.

Reliable deliveries keep the factory running

All Logset’s machines are manufactured at the same factory, so being able to plan ahead and to stick to the schedule is absolutely crucial. This sets the bar high for the collaborators as well. An AGCO Power engine arrives to Logset’s factory approximately a week before a machine is assembled. Within a few days from starting the assembly, the engine is already installed and the machine proceeds onwards on the production line.

Westeråker has always been very pleased with AGCO Power’s delivery reliability.

– They always deliver the engines on the agreed day. If their delivery schedule changes, they inform us so much in advance that we have the time to adjust our own production accordingly. That is really important for us, Westeråker explains. 

New models are designed together

Even though the emissions of forest machines and the engines used in them are under constant scrutiny, Logset is not worried.

– When we plan new models, we include AGCO Power in the early stages as they can introduce us different options. Working together with them is really easy and they really know our company and understand our needs, Westeråker tells.

For Westeråker, the most important factor in choosing a partner is to ensure that the end products are of high-quality and that promises are kept.

– The most important aspects in our cooperation with AGCO Power are the quality of the delivered products and their delivery reliability, he concludes.