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6 March 2023

Peace of mind for the farmer – AGCO Power combine engines keep dark clouds at bay

Time to harvest is extremely short. When that tiny window of time opens, farmers must act fast. There is constant stress and uncertainty that stems from having to deal with the unpredictable nature of harvest. With an AGCO Power engine in the right combine, farmers at least have one thing they can rely on.

Aaron Beyer, Marketing Product Specialist for Gleaner Combines, shows genuine excitement when asked about AGCO Power engines – and how they help farmers with their work. He starts by saying: “When it comes to combines, reliability is the name of the game.”

It’s a powerful statement. And well justified. Farming is a business, where there is no time to waste. And AGCO Power does everything in its power to help farmers convert their hard-grown crops into well-earned dollars – reliably and efficiently.

Focusing on the basics, striving for excellence

Dependability, reliability and consistency – Beyer highlights these three attributes time and time again. He feels AGCO Power engines tick all the right boxes and “admires” AGCO Power for its “attention to even the small details and overall great design and construction of the engines.”

Besides these key things, Beyer praises the excellent fuel efficiency of the AGCO Power engines. In fact, he ranks them among the very best in the market:

“You can demonstrably show that fuel efficiency,” he says. “Our customers tell us that day in and day out. And for me, on Gleaner Combines, that’s a huge selling point.”

Interchangeability is money

Beyer also mentions interchangeability, the fact that across the board the parts for manufactured engines are similar. This helps technicians to familiarize themselves with the engines. This lowers the cost of repair units for the end-user of the combine. And lastly, this eases the repairment process in case there is a breakdown – and there, unfortunately, likely will be at some point in time.

Beyer sums it up in simple terms why all these things matter – it all comes down to cost and return, the margin of each dollar the end-user gets from harvesting.

“Having reasonably priced parts, easy-to-work-on engines, and a dependable engine you can rely on – it’s a game changer for combines,” Beyer says.

Power to keep black clouds at bay

With all this in order, one could say a farmer now has a recipe for better peace of mind. But Beyer would still hesitate to use such an expression, only because he knows what harsh conditions farmers have to deal with – time and time again:

“Growing up on a farm, there is no true peace of mind. There is constantly a black cloud over your shoulder that you got to keep your eyes on. But the more you can predict, rely on and plan, the better you are at keeping that dark cloud at bay.”

It all boils down, again, to reliability and everything it means. But it has just as much to do with predictability, as well.

“Reliability is really all that is around the word reliability”, Beyer explains. “The more you can predict things, the better your customer feels.”

For Beyer reliability means everything from getting replacement parts when you need them, to relying on the fuel-efficiency of the engine – and knowing that the engine is overall going to do what it’s supposed to do and not break down. It means being able to trust your vehicle – and the engine that powers it.

So, even though Beyer emphasizes that for a farmer, peace of mind is a fleeting dream at best, with AGCO Power engines, farmers can at least worry a little less about one thing during harvest season.