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16 December 2022

Power across generations

Power together can transform a job into a satisfying experience. In three short videos below, it becomes clear what that means. When AGCO Power employees are interviewed, from retired gentleman to two younger talents, they all talk about the great team spirit. When cherished, that spirit can live across generations.

The first interview is from Tuomas Koponen, a retired ex-employee who has worked in a variety of jobs for AGCO Power since 1967. It’s a powerful experience for him to see the shiny modern premises in Linnavuori and all the technological leaps AGCO Power has taken. After all, these achievements are the fruits of the labor of Tuomas and his colleagues.

In the second video Maria Rantanen, a specialist in Quality Systems and Sustainability Projects, gives a clear message: when exceptional team spirit powers product development, there’s every reason to believe sustainable future is possible.

Lastly project engineer Hugo Wihersaari emphasizes the importance of being curious and open-minded, always investigating and searching for future-proof solutions to tackle the challenges the future holds.

Exemplary teamwork can generate power for generations to come. And shared vision inspires working towards lifelong goals. That is power together.