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18 October 2023

More than just an engine – AGCO Power CORE is a platform for future technologies

AGCO Power Core - More than just an engine

Throughout its existence, AGCO Power has been known for producing off-road engines with a long-lived, flexible construction. This means that the same basic engines have been able to  accommodate new technologies, keeping their design relevant over a number of years. This philosophy lives on in the new CORE platform – the most future-proof engine in the market.

The world of power creation is in constant change, but the future of engines has never had as many possible directions as it has today. While the internal combustion engine remains relevant for decades to come, there are new and inspiring possibilities with the alternative fuels ranging from HVO to hydrogen. To create a long-lived engine construction for a changing world, the engineering must prepare for different scenarios.

Released in 2022, the AGCO Power CORE engine family represents the latest in internal combustion engine technology.

“The AGCO Power CORE platform is a completely new design, not based on any previous models,” says AGCO Power’s Account Manager Heikki Hihnala. “Currently, it is the most future-proof diesel engine in the market!”

From the beginning, the aim of the CORE project was to create not just one engine, but a platform that can serve different needs.

An uncompromised diesel

Diesel engine still has plenty to offer. With constant R&D, AGCO Power has managed to cut their diesel engine emissions to a tenth in just a couple of decades. The new HVO fuels reduce the carbon emissions up to 95% while reducing particulate emissions as well. And even though the new CORE engines represent the top of the market in fuel efficiency, we still haven’t seen the last word in that area. “ACGO Power CORE is a great diesel engine,” says Hihnala. “Its power and wide torque range makes it responsive to drive while the low-RPM construction makes it economical, quiet and strong.”

Another important point is emission levels.

“AGCO Power CORE passes the strictest off-road emission standards today,” Hihnala says. “And its flexible construction makes us well-prepared for whatever future regulations might bring.”

While all current AGCO Power engines are compatible with fossil-free HVO fuels, the CORE platform is specifically made with alternative fuels in mind. Anyone can reduce the carbon footprint of their operation today by switching to new fuel.

Ready for the future

The future of power generation is flexible and diverse. This is why the AGCO Power CORE platform has been designed from the ground up to support alternative fuels. 

“Besides diesel fuel, the CORE platform can be modified to run on hydrogen, ethanol, methanol and biogas,” says Research & Advanced Engineering Manager Jouko Järvinen, . “This means that the same basic engine can be fitted with for example cylinder heads and a fuel system that enables the use of zero-emission hydrogen fuel.”

Hybrid power

In the future of flexible power, battery electric and internal combustion engine technologies do not rule each other out, but complement each other.

“The CORE platform has been designed to work with electric drive train components,” Järvinen says. “This means that the farmer can benefit from a hybrid technology that combines the best of both worlds – the solid combustion engine power aided with the responsive battery electric boost.”

Made for sustainable work

Today’s farming calls for clean, sustainable power that is also responsive and easy to use.

“We need to dramatically reduce the carbon emissions while producing food for the growing population – profitably,” reminds Järvinen. “As the world’s leading machine manufacturer, AGCO must provide farmers with solutions that are efficient,sustainable and economical. The CORE platform improves our ability to answer whatever challenges the future of farming might have.”

See the future at Agritechnica 2023!

At Agritechnica, we can have a look at tomorrow’s farming. AGCO Power has been shaping machine work for decades, and now it is time for some radical new thinking.

“Our booth will illustrate our vision of the future of power,” Järvinen says. “There is not just one new product, but a whole spectrum of concepts for different needs. It is definitely something you don’t want to miss!”