Advanced analytics and AI to enable better engine performance

AGCO Power is constructing higher-quality engines with the help of cloud-based analytics and AI platform

Insta is developing a data lake-based analytics and AI platform in cooperation with AGCO Power to process and utilize data from diesel engines. It enables AGCO Power’s R&D team to systematically review vast amounts of data and capture details about the operation of field test engines that previously went unnoticed. This way, engines are more stable when they are moved to serial production and operate more steadily under varying conditions. This is visible to end customers in improved quality. At the same time, it decreases AGCO Power’s warranty-related costs.

AGCO Power develops and builds engines for the machines of the world’s leading agricultural and work machine manufacturers. AGCO Power’s engines are famous for their durability and long service life. For the business and brand, it is critical to ensure that the products function properly under demanding field conditions and in actual work situations around the world.

The text is taken from the news on the Insta website. Read the full news and watch a video on the Insta website.

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