“AGCO Power Tractor Pulling” in XXL Team City Challenge 2017

XXL Team City Challenge is a event held annually in Tampere around August. The event is organized by the Tampere JCI- chapter.

It gathers over 1200 participants from the region. The participants compete in different activities which are scattered around the city. This year there was 38 different activities which tested all different aspects of the competitors including agility, logical thinking and raw power.

AGCO Power supported the event by organizing one of the activities i.e. Tractor Pulling. Usually Tractor pulling has meant something different, but this time the competitors got to pull the ~6300 kg weighing Valtra N124 hightech by using a rope. The teams got to do the task of the AGCO Power engines and physically feel why we say that “Power is our business”.

Once all the competitors had happily gotten back to the finishing line AGCO Power still received some positive feedback from the competitors. One of the top three teams mentioned that the “Tractor pulling”- was one of the most interesting experiences of the day!


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