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7 November 2023

AGCO Power runs on the reliability of its engines

Sandfirden Technics supplies gas engines, diesel engines, and generator sets for marine and other applications. AGCO Power has been a dependable partner providing engines for Sandfirden since the early 70s.

Bart Bakker, Managing Director for Sandfirden Technics, has worked for the company for over 32 years. Besides the high quality of AGCO Power products, Bakker gives another reason why the partnership between the two companies has endured through the decades: “The cooperation between AGCO Power and Sandfirden Technics is a professional one, but it is a relaxed environment. That’s the reason we’ve cooperated with them for more than 50 years”.

Meeting the evolving demands

New international environmental regulations for the marine industry have been introduced in recent years. The updated emission standards are determined by the International Maritime Organization and the European Union in IMO Tier III and EU Stage V. They have challenged engine manufacturers to develop new engines complying with the stricter requirements.

AGCO Power has answered the current demands with new engines utilizing exhaust aftertreatment technology. This technology cleans exhaust gases to help control emissions and adhere to up-to-date environmental requirements. Sandfirden uses the newly designed engines in its solutions, such as auxiliary, generator set, and propulsion installations. “We are very glad that AGCO Power has taken up this new development and introduced the IMO Tier III and Stage V marine engines”, Bakker says.

Engines that keep on going

As the heart of an installation by Sandfirden Technics, the engine’s reliability is a key factor for end-users. For decades, AGCO Power has been known for the dependability and durability of its engines. The consistent experiences of customers using the products are a testament to those qualities. Bakker shares a remarkable example:

“Maybe the best proof of the reliability of AGCO products is a customer asking Sandfirden Technics if they have to replace or overhaul their engine after 60,000 running hours. So 60,000 running hours is really an exceptional number, but not for an AGCO Power engine. And that’s exactly why we are so successful with AGCO Power products”.