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31 March 2023

The core for our future – three videos get up and close to the new CORE75 engine

agco power core75 motor introduced

Not many people have as much knowledge about the big picture of power generation as Kelvin Bennet (SVP, Engineering), who oversees the entire power generation development in the AGCO concern. When Kelvin paid a visit to our Linnavuori plant, we shot three videos about him getting familiar with the CORE75 engine together with the CORE project team lead, Juha-Pekka Asikainen. But the real hero of the story stands between the two men: the brand new shiny CORE75 engine that pretty much steals the show.

When the world’s most advanced engine factory creates a new power source from the scratch, you can expect something exceptional feature-wise. Have look at the world-conquering features of CORE75:

Key benefits
Sturdy structure and easy servicing are both very important features, but how about shaving off up to 12% of the fuel cost, which is one of the most significant costs for the machine owner? Juha-Pekka talks about how CORE75 reduces the total cost of ownership:

Ready for the future
The internal combustion engine still has a long life ahead of it – but in the future, power might be generated with alternative fuels, such as hydrogen. When designing the CORE75 engine, the environmental requirements of today as well as tomorrow were the starting points. For example, the engine’s 100% HVO fuel compatibility enables you to radically reduce emissions today, if you wish: