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30 August 2023

The 11 gigaton challenge – Eric Hansotia and the future of farming

If we keep growing and farming the way we do now, agriculture will produce 15 gigatons of carbon dioxide. According to scientific studies, it should be reduced to 4 gigatons. 

”Big changes are required, and we have been preparing for them for a long time”, says AGCO CEO Eric Hansotia. “We are developing and designing solutions to meet agricultural challenges with battery electric, hydrogen fuel, hydrogen fuel cells, methane and methanol, among others.”

In our engine development, we have managed to reduce the harmful particulate emissions as well as nitrogen oxides to a fraction of what they were a decade ago. For several years, our engines have been passing even the strictest emission regulations with a good margin. What’s more, our engines are compatible with the renewable HVO fuels. What’s groundbreaking with our latest CORE engine family is that by developing the current diesel engines further, they can be made compatible with the alternative future fuels.

You can learn more about the AGCO Power vision of future power solutions at the Agritechnica trade show in November!!