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15 November 2023

Single charge, double hours – fuel-cell-based concept charges battery while working

Zero-emission battery-electric tractor has its definite advantages, but with the current battery technology the range is still a limiting factor. The fuel-cell-based e100 Vario Range Extender concept will double the operating time of the existing electric tractor by Fendt from four to eight hours. The system reforms fossil-free green methanol into hydrogen, which is further converted into electricity that charges the tractor batteries while working.

“As a liquid, green methanol can be stored in a tank much like diesel fuel, which means storing it does not require the same complex arrangements as storing hydrogen, for example,” says Kari Aaltonen, Director of Engineering at AGCO Power. “Our R&D must focus on a variety of options since the most suitable solutions depend on the unique needs of farmers.”

This video showcases the e100 Vario Range Extender concept and how it can bring the much-anticipated hydrogen economy closer to everyday work of the farmers.