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5 May 2023

Seamless collaboration of human robot cells

The future for others, another day at work for us! Industrial robots have been helping our factory workers since 1985. Besides some 900 people, over a hundred robots work in our plant at Linnavuori. Our latest innovation is a human-robot collaboration cell.

”Besides the improved efficiency, there are other equally good arguments for using robots such as their ability to produce specified quality and reducing human exposure to chemicals, noise and vibrations,” says Timo Koota, Manufacturing Performance Engineer at AGCO Power. “Another important factor is to improve working ergonomics by automating work involving awkward positions as well as heavy work,” Koota concludes.

At AGCO Power, our robots take care of the routines and ergonomically challenging chores. Humans, on the other hand, deal with tasks that call for senses, sensitive touch and judgment.