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27 May 2020

AGCO Power donates its protective visors to the services of the elderly care in the city of Nokia

There have been challenges in Finland in the adequacy of disposable protective equipment. During the corona epidemic, Nokia’s basic security services have also been concerned about depleting protective equipment stockpiles. During the Corona Epidemic, the city of Nokia’s basic security services have also been concerned about depleting stocks. At AGCO Power, it was noticed that the protective visors could be manufactured in-house. The company donated one hundred visors to the services of the elderly people care in the city of Nokia: housing services and home care.

A donation of a protective visor will be needed, as in the services of the elderly, the employees must use shelters in all close contacts.
– We have a minimum staff of 250 including deputies, so protective equipment is needed in abundance. The donation will help us ensure that our staff has a sufficient number of protective equipment at their disposal and we will thus be able to guarantee our customers care in accordance with the instructions and safely, says Katja Uitus-Mäntylä, director of elderly care.

Visor collars with 3D printing
According to AGCO Power CEO Juha Tervala, the challenges of public health care in obtaining relevant protective equipment have been identified.
– We began to think if we could somehow ease the situation. Our staff has also repeatedly raised concerns about the lack of health protection equipment.

AGCO Power came up with the idea of utilizing a 3D printing device of product development to manufacture visors for both internal and external use. Valtra’s factory in Suolahti has also manufactured protective visors with the same technology.

The visor headband is printed on a 3D printer. Plexiglas and rubber band have been ordered from an external partner.
– Plexiglas is cut and perforated in the printed headband, and then rubber bands are cut and adjusted, says Janne Ojala, Product Development Workshop Manager.

The AGCO Power 3D printer can print ten headbands in one day.

Masks must be worn in AGCO Power premises
In a factory with about 800 employees, the staff mainly working in office, have been able to perform their duties remotely, but in engine production, remote working is impossible. At the moment, Linnavuori is preparing for the gradual return of teleworkers to their workspaces in offices.

All AGCO units must have a face mask in use, same applies to AGCO Power.
– The health and safety of our personnel and the ability of our company to operate are our top priorities. We review the situation of both our staff and the company on a daily basis. We have prepared detailed instructions and taken many measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, Juha Tervala says.

The company has not had any problems in sourcing masks.
– We are part of a large corporation whose own global procurement organization orders protective equipment as a joint purchase, Tervala continues.

According to Juha Tervala, it is great that in the midst of a common crisis, people help each other.
– Although the core of our operations is in the development and manufacture of engines for working machines and thus helps in primary production, we want to help maintain vitality and be responsible contributors in our home region as well.