Control and monitoring systems

The unit comes with a digital control panel with two optional levels:

  1. manual
  2. automatic

Manual control panel

  • Start, stop and control of the generator switch from the control panel. Remote start is optional.
  • The display on the control panel has indicators for diesel and generator quantities.
  • Automatic stop due to low oil pressure or high coolant temperature.

Technical specifications of manual control and monitoring panel PDF

Automatic control panel

The automatic control panel includes the functions of the manual panel. It also has mains failure automation (AMF), which:

  • starts the plant in case of a mains failure
  • opens the mains switch and closes the generator switch
  • opens the generator switch and closes the mains switch when the mains has restored and has remained stable for the defined period of time
  • stops the plant after a cooling run.

Specifications of automatic control and monitoring apparatus PDF

Mains/generator transfer switch

When a diesel generator is used as the standby power source of a mains supply, a mains/generator transfer switch is also needed:

  • in the case of a manual plant, a manual transfer switch is sufficient, with the settings Mains – 0 – Generator
  • in the case of an automatic plant, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) must be ordered
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