Diesel Generating Sets

AGCO Power has manufactured diesel generators from 1952. Decades in business with applications for hospitals, industry, data centers, military and agricultural customers to name a few.

Our product program with power range from 60 to 2400 kVA is consisting of our AG-series up to 250 kVA PRP with our own AGCO POWER engines and AG-series above that with 3rd party engines.

With our expertise and know-how with long history we are able to manage even complex projects according to customer requirements.

For more information contact our sales department at: pgsales.agcopower@AGCOcorp.com

Diesel generators are used for:

  • stand-by power generation
  • prime power generation
  • peak shaving

When used as stand-by power system, the automatic generating sets start providing electricity in less than 10 seconds from power grid failure and stop automatically once the electricity in main grid is reliable again.

Generating set are typically used for Prime power generation in locations where the main grid is not available. Generating set may even be more cost-effective solution than a new power connection to a remote location.

Peak shaving generators are used to produce electricity during high peaks consumption. This may save you when you don’t have to oversize a grid connection because of one or two big loads that are used only occasionally. All of our standard series units with InteliGen control panel have this fuctionality.

A checklist for purchase

  1. An installation plan (for mechanics and electricity)
    The location:


  • Typically open unit
  • proper ventilation, inlet, outlet and recirculation if needed
  • safe exhaust piping, fire hazard if not installed correctly
  • cable routes and installations by certified contractor


  • Typically sound attenuated enclosure models
  • Cable routes and installations by certified contractor
  • how with good history to build complex projects when needed.

2. Sizing

  • The generating set power must exceed the required power of total load it is supplying.
  • Best way to check the total load is to have a list of all equipments with loads and select the required power rating.
  • The easiest way to select right sized unit is to check the main fuses / size of electrical connection and match generating set with it. As a rough estimate:
    • AG60 (87 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×63 A to 3×100 A
    • AG90 (130 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×100 A to 3×160 A
    • AG110 (159 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×125 A to 3×160 A
    • AG150 (218 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×160 A to 3×250 A
    • AG205 (296 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×250 A to 3×400 A
    • AG250 (361 A) fits locations with fuse sizes 3×315 A to 3×400 A
  • Please note that the sizing above does not take into account such sizing factors as DOL (direct-on-line) motors, high reactive load (lots of fluerecent lights for example) or big UPS devices.
  • For detailed information please contact local representative.Availability of after sales support
  • Make sure the generating set you are buying has reliable service network with experienced service personnel and spare part support.

A typical layout for a back-up power machine room

  1. Steel base frame
  2. Vibration isolators
  3. Engine
  4. Generator
  5. Control and switchgear cubicle
  6. Battery set for start and control
  7. Fuel oil day tank
  8. Day tank filling pump
  9. Cooling fan
  10. Cooling radiator
  11. Flexible connecting pipe
  12. Heat insulated silencer
  13. Anchor bolt (if needed)
  14. Outlet air channel
  15. Motorized shutter for return air
  16. Motorized shutter for outlet air
  17. Motorized shutter for inlet air
  18. External louver
  19. Exhaust pipe, insulated inside room
  20. Heat insulated wall penetration
  21. Exhaust director

Items 1-12 belong to diesel generator

Items 13-21 are installation parts


Contact our sales at pgsales.agcopower@AGCOcorp.com

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