Remanufactured Engines & parts

When planning major engine repairs, the genuine remanufactured AGCO POWER engine is a noteworthy and good alternative. The knowhow and expertise cumulated during several decades will guarantee the high quality of AGCO POWER remanufactured engines. These engines perfectly fit into your machine, both dimensionally and operationally, as they are made at AGCO Power (former AGCO SISU POWER / Sisu Diesel) engine factory where also the original engine has been made. This is really a great advantage.

We are not only reconditioning the old engines, we are remanufacturing them. The date for changing the engine can be considered in advance and the machine can be kept in effective work as long as possible. Availability of remanufactured AGCO POWER engines is very good. If the original engine is AGCO POWER, most likely we are able to offer an identical remanufactured engine.

When working in close connection with engine factory, we are in excellent position to develop our procedures and products for the advantage of customers. Testrun and painting according to factory standards are fundamental for our remanufactured engines, just as the implementation of the latest engineering modifications. These advantages are very difficult to implement by our competitors.

Models of Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured Short Blocks

Including following parts:

  •     Cylinder block
  •     Cylinder liners
  •     Crankshaft
  •     Pistons and connecting rods
  •     Oil pressure regulating valve

Remanufactured Long Blocks

Including following parts:

  •     Cylinder block
  •     Cylinder liners
  •     Crankshaft
  •     Pistons and connecting rods
  •     Oil pressure regulating valve
  •     Oil pump
  •     Counterbalance unit (4-cyl. eng)
  •     Camshaft
  •     Cylinder head with valves
  •     Valve mechanism
  •     Valve cover
  •     Timing gears
  •     Timing gear casing
  •     Pulley / vibration damper

Remanufactured Engines

  • Updated according to the latest engineering modifications
  • Fully equipped, according to the application
  • Competitive prices
  • Test-run engines
  • Wearing parts are replaced with genuine AGCO POWER parts
  • Warranty 12 months or 3000 running hours, main components 24 months or 5000 runnng hours
  • Delivery time fastest 5 working days from order, check the current delivery time from spare part sales

Order and warranty


The serial number of the old engine is needed to ensure the perfect suitability and functionality of the remanufactured engine. The serial number is punched on the cylinder block on the right side. When ordering, it is also good to inform the engine application.

When placing orders for spare parts, the part number is required. This can be found in the engine spare parts catalogue. For identifying the part, the serial number of engine is needed.

For further information and lead times, please contact AGCO Power Spare Parts Sales.


Since the remanufactured AGCO POWER engines meet the same high quality requirements as the new engines, AGCO Power grants them the same warranty conditions. The warranty is 12 months or 3000 running hours, whichever is reached first. Main components have a warranty 24 months or 5000 running hours.

Warranty for remanufactured parts is the same as for spare parts, 12 months.

Warranty Terms and Warranty Claim Form can be found in our Extranet.

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