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Number of cylinders


Max output

104 kW / 1500 rpm

Max torque

682 Nm / 1400 rpm

Emission class:

EU Stage V

AGCO Power engines are designed for demanding use. Robust design, durability, reliability and excellent torque are qualities for which AGCO Power engines have been known for through the decades.

The HD engine family can also be tailored to your needs. Additionally, because of the 49HD’s physical dimensions the engine interchangeable with 44HD engine models – Cover a wide power range (80-140kW) with a single installation!

This engine model is designed for power generation use only. For other applications, please do a new search with the AGCO Power product selector.

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Key benefits

Modular design

Modular design – Engine can be assembled in various different configurations to ensure good fit and reliability.

Interchangeability (HD44)

Interchangeability – Same engine dimensions with HD44 make it possible to cover a wide power range (80-140kW) with a single installation.

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