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30 November 2023

No room for interruptions – backup power secures energy supply

Generators by AGCO Power are engineered for durability and reliable performance, even in the most unforeseen circumstances. Our video showcases the process of making one of our generators on our very own production line. You may also take a tour of our facilities, where we keep manuals and spare parts for all items produced since we started in early 1952.

Power outages cannot disable the most critical jobs in the society. For instance, hospitals depend on uninterrupted access to power 24/7. Generators by AGCO Power offer dependable standby power, providing customers with peace of mind.

AGCO Power production line puts out generators, pumps and primary power stations, ensuring we have your needs covered, big or small.

Our backup power generators are famous for their reliability – you can rely on them for decades thanks to high-quality products, comprehensive spare part supply and a professional service network.