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17 November 2023

AGCO Power Microgrid concept – take control of your power

The wider spectrum of power means that electricity plays an increasingly important role in the future of agriculture. Using electric machinery, loading vehicle batteries, producing their own wind or solar power… the farm power grid must be reliable, flexible and intelligent to ensure the steady availability of cost-effective power.

The AGCO Power Microgrid concept helps farmers or entire communities build their own smart electrical grids. It provides uninterrupted power from the source that is the least expensive at a given time – the power grid, a wind or solar power plant, a generator powered by its own energy source or a battery pack. The Microgrid concept contains the intelligence that controls the power sources and storage.

As the trend goes towards more diverse sources of electric power, the grid must keep up with the progress. At the same time, there have been challenges in the price and availability of electricity, making it even more important to take control of your power into your own hands. AGCO Power Microgrid concept does just that.