Customized solutions

Based on our modular standard designs we also able to supply customized solutions to various more demanding cases.

Containerized solutions

AGCO POWER diesel generators can also be supplied as customized container solutions. Long experience of supplying unit to most demanding circumstances have shown our ability to help our customers in their needs.

UPSG containers for non-interrupted supply

UPSG constainers are combining back-up power generators and energy storaging offering non-interrupted power supply with long back-up system running time. The solutions are covering the power range of 20 kVA – 2400 kVA and depending on the size of the integrated fuel tank the longest possible working hours.

UPSG solution can also be used for mains network stabilization and for improving electricity quality even in the most demanding applications.

Energy storage solutions

Containerized energy storage systems in containerized and customized designs. Available also as a mobile design for construction sites and other application where the unit will not be stationary placed.

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