2000’s – Digitalization intensifies production

In the year 2000 over 20 000 engines were produced in Linnavuori for the first time. After the turn of the millenium an electornic control system was introduced in more and more engine types and customer solutions.


Beginning of new millennium increased further the speed in engine research and development. The electronic control system was implemented in several engine types and customer applications. Cooperation with customers became ever more intense in pressure of stricter emission requirements.

Year 2000 was yet another milestone for the factory; more than 20.000 manufactured engines in Linnavuori.

In 2002 the next change in ownership: Kone Corporation acquired the complete capital stock of Partek. This didn’t last too long, already in August 2003 the personnel were informed that Kone had made a preliminary agreement with AGCO Corp. based in Georgia, USA, for selling the engine factory. Early 2004 competition authorities both in the USA and in Europe had approved the acquisition.

Technological development continued with rapid steps, fuel injection based on common rail technology was introduced, which is controlled with SisuTronic control system, now already in third generation. By the AGCO ownership the deliveries begun also to corporate facilities in Kansas and Minnesota in the USA. Due to the ever increasing performance demand, in 2007 a quite unique engine configuration in this power category was launched: inline engine with 7 cylinders.

citius_scr8 citius_scr3


When the engine was launched in Linnavuori, also new company name was revealed: AGCO Sisu Power with the idea of getting the engine factory closer to corporate image. AGCO has meant significant investments in research and development, production systems as well as in facilities and company has become an organic part of globally operating corporation.

In 2008 yet another milestone: over 30.000 manufactured engines in Linnavuori, Brazilian operations included total number nearly 45.000.


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