1980’s – Competitive edge from technology

New fuel and supercharging techniques and innovative engine development brought along achievements, which are trademarks of AGCO produced engines even today.

When Valmet acquired tractor operations from Volvo in 1979, the component exchange with Volvo BM was an important issue on the negotiation table. Valmet 3 and 4 cylinder engines were selected to power the new tractor model range. For this purpose, the only a few years old engine range was further developed to second generation modular engine family. The most significant difference to old was that the engine would become part of load bearing chassis of tractor. This feature has remained and further developed, in fact has also become the feature of all AGCO tractor family. And has been adopted also by some competitors in their products. With new fueling and turbocharging technologies excellent torque characteristics were achieved, which has become the trademark of Valmet / SisuDiesel / AGCO Power engines over the course of years.

Big combines and trucks required constantly more power. For this reason, company started to develop a robust 7,4 liter 6-cylinder engine in early 1980’s. This was introduced in production in 1985. During the development of this engine a major innovation was made: the wet cylinder liner was supported also at mid-stroke. This was a unique technological solution in this size engine. The configuration has many features not seen in many competing engine s even yet today. The stiffening effect eliminates the cavitation corrosion created by the vibration typical of wet cylinder liner. The support also ensures the liner to remain round, resulting in reduced oil consumption and consequently reduction in particulate emissions. Respectively the coolant circulates most effectively around the top part of cylinder, exactly where the heat load is at peak.

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