1970’s – Getting noticed

An engine series that is meant for more extensive use is developed in Finland. An engine equipped with a Comprex-brace gets special attention.  A crew transport vehicle called Pasi (equipped with a Valmet turbo intercooler engine) gets noticed internationally – it became a favorite of the UN troops in the Nordics.

1974 saw already the birth of 50.000th engine. Beginning of the decade had been effectively used for developing an all new engine range for which also other major applications had been considered, not only in Valmet tractors or other “family” products.

In mid 1970’s an all new engine assembly facility was inaugurated, whereas the first member of the new engine family, the six cylinder 6,6-liter turbo engine saw daylight. By end of decade also three and four cylinder models were introduced. Among these was also the four pot engine with special pressure-wave charging technology from BBC in Switzerland. This engine was even called as “the mother of high torque engines” with torque as high as 424 Nm and 27% torque rise, figures never seen before in tractors. Thus this engine, first in the world with Swiss Comprex charger in serial production, also set off vivid discussion around the topic in the engine world.


Since early 1970’s Sampo-Rosenlew combines were powered by Valmet engines. As of 1974 Danish combine manufacturer Dronningborg was customer for Valmet, later on to become especially good reference for high power 6 cylinder engines.


Both 4 and 6 cylinder Valmet diesels were in production for Sisu trucks, buses and mobile libraries until early 1990’s. International reputation was gained by PASI, armored personnel carrier (APC), also made by Sisu, powered by Valmet 612 turbointercooler engine. PASI was especially popular within Nordic UN troops due to its safety.

Sisu was not the only on-highway vehicle manufacturer to use Valmet engines. 4 and 6 cylinder engines were also installed by importer of Fargo and Dodge trucks and buses, majority of these vehicles were sold to Finnish Post. A number of 4 pot engines were installed also by the same importer in Jeep SUV’s.


Valmet forest machinery were naturally users of Valmet engine, but also other Finnish off-road machinery manufacturer became customers, such as ARA, Lokomo and Lannen excavators became Valmet engine customers. Other off-road applications were among others Lokomo road graders and mobile cranes, Valmet forklifts and straddle carriers, which gradually conquered container harbors all over the world and collected rapidly thousands of hours and experience contributing to engine development, as well.


Engine factory also manufactured diesel powered generating sets, which were usually tailor made projects and sold mainly to domestic customers. In 1992 space saving V type genset series was patented and these were sold to German Bundespost in significant numbers.

v-gen-set-1 v-gen-set-2

One typical application since beginning of operation has been marine propulsion and these have been selling to all seas worldwide. Also power packs for running irrigation pumps were delivered e.g. to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

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