1960’s – More power, please!

Tractors become larger and a bigger four cylinder engine is taken into production. Production of engines for ships and boats also keeps the factory workers busy.

The power demand of tractors continued to increase and so a four-cylinder diesel was developed. This was introduced to production in 1963 for the new, big Valmet tractor. Further in 1969 a new Valmet was launched as first farming tractor in the world powered by turbocharged diesel engine manufactured by Valmet. This engine was then developed also for other applications such as Valmet forest machines and Sisu trucks.

With license of Burmeister & Wain also larger auxiliary engines were manufactured for Valmet Shipyard until early 1980’s.

Burmeister&Wein engines on assembly

In 1950’s and 60’s also some 15.000 single cylinder Vire engines were manufactured. These were mainly used in small fishing boats, but also quite widely as auxiliary engines in sail boats.


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