1950’s – Power generation of agriculture machines begins

The golden 1950’s brought along the serial production of petrol engines for the Valmet 15 -tractor. Development of a three cylinder diesel tractor engine begun. It was considered an innovative success.

The serial production of the petrol engine for Valmet 15 model tractor, ”Tensioner of Barbed Wire”, rated at 15bhp was started in 1951, later the power was increased to 20hp. This was the beginning of power source production in Linnavuori for farming equipment that would continue powerfully developing until next millennium and beyond.

4035 for Valmet 15 / 20 tractor






Quite soon in early 1950’s also development of small three cylinder diesel engine was started with focus on farm tractor and the production started in 1957. Construction proved to be direct hit. The engineers in Linnavuori succeeded to foresee future demands so well that it was not necessary to change the basic concept throughout the coming decades. The engine featured ao. wet cylinder liners, direct injection and cross flow cylinder head. Some 50 years later another engine manufacturer launched an engine with similar features as “world premier”.

Valmet 309 D for Valmet 33 D
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