Neste MY Renewable Diesel helps AGCO Power to reduce its plant’s carbon footprint – automatic fuel identification under development

AGCO Power is starting to use Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ at its plant. Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced from waste and residues, will replace fossil fuels in all internal logistics vehicles before the end of 2020. Neste and AGCO Power also work on a joint research project to develop an automatic fuel identification system. Our goal is to be a pioneer and make engines even lower-emission and more economical. Our low emission policy covers the entire production chain: by introducing Neste MY Renewable Diesel in our plant logistics and road transport, we can reduce our own annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 130,000 kilos. Our goal is to gradually increase the use of renewable diesel also in engine testing. With these measures, we are also meeting our customers’ wishes for a lower environmental load, says Juha Tervala, CEO.
AGCO Power will adopt the Neste Oma Asema Service at its plant, a refueling station with an automatic refilling system.

  • We are happy to support our long-term partner in their work towards low-emission production chain. The Neste Oma Asema Service, available at the plant area, helps to avoid unnecessary driving and related emissions when the station is located in the company’s own plant area. In addition to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, the station has also the option of refueling AdBlue urea solution, which can be used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and optimize engine performance, says Teemu Sarjovaara, Head of R&D at Neste.

Automatic fuel identification has many benefits
Neste and AGCO Power cooperate as research and development partners in low-emission fuel solutions. Their joint research operations focus on the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel in work machines and on maximizing fuel benefits.
Neste and AGCO Power are currently developing an automatic fuel identification system that detects whether fossil or renewable fuel is in use. Identification can be done either by a dedicated sensor installed in the fuel system or by using the measurement data in the engine and exhaust gas after-treatment system.

  • We have promising results from both of these technologies. Automatic identification of the fuel in the tank ensures reliable emissions reporting, says Sarjovaara.
    Direct cost savings is another benefit of automatic fuel identification.
  • New technology makes it easier to optimize the engine and minimize consumption under changing operating conditions. More efficient optimization can also reduce AdBlue consumption, Tervala says.
    In the future, fuel identification could also be used to recognize any fuel quality problems that could jeopardize engine performance. There might be a need for a solution, for example, in markets that have more variation in fuel quality.

AGCO Power donates its protective visors to the services of the elderly care in the city of Nokia

There have been challenges in Finland in the adequacy of disposable protective equipment. During the corona epidemic, Nokia’s basic security services have also been concerned about depleting protective equipment stockpiles. During the Corona Epidemic, the city of Nokia’s basic security services have also been concerned about depleting stocks. At AGCO Power, it was noticed that the protective visors could be manufactured in-house. The company donated one hundred visors to the services of the elderly people care in the city of Nokia: housing services and home care.

A donation of a protective visor will be needed, as in the services of the elderly, the employees must use shelters in all close contacts.
– We have a minimum staff of 250 including deputies, so protective equipment is needed in abundance. The donation will help us ensure that our staff has a sufficient number of protective equipment at their disposal and we will thus be able to guarantee our customers care in accordance with the instructions and safely, says Katja Uitus-Mäntylä, director of elderly care.

Visor collars with 3D printing
According to AGCO Power CEO Juha Tervala, the challenges of public health care in obtaining relevant protective equipment have been identified.
– We began to think if we could somehow ease the situation. Our staff has also repeatedly raised concerns about the lack of health protection equipment.

AGCO Power came up with the idea of utilizing a 3D printing device of product development to manufacture visors for both internal and external use. Valtra’s factory in Suolahti has also manufactured protective visors with the same technology.

The visor headband is printed on a 3D printer. Plexiglas and rubber band have been ordered from an external partner.
– Plexiglas is cut and perforated in the printed headband, and then rubber bands are cut and adjusted, says Janne Ojala, Product Development Workshop Manager.

The AGCO Power 3D printer can print ten headbands in one day.

Masks must be worn in AGCO Power premises
In a factory with about 800 employees, the staff mainly working in office, have been able to perform their duties remotely, but in engine production, remote working is impossible. At the moment, Linnavuori is preparing for the gradual return of teleworkers to their workspaces in offices.

All AGCO units must have a face mask in use, same applies to AGCO Power.
– The health and safety of our personnel and the ability of our company to operate are our top priorities. We review the situation of both our staff and the company on a daily basis. We have prepared detailed instructions and taken many measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, Juha Tervala says.

The company has not had any problems in sourcing masks.
– We are part of a large corporation whose own global procurement organization orders protective equipment as a joint purchase, Tervala continues.

According to Juha Tervala, it is great that in the midst of a common crisis, people help each other.
– Although the core of our operations is in the development and manufacture of engines for working machines and thus helps in primary production, we want to help maintain vitality and be responsible contributors in our home region as well.

Universities and the industry are building research collaboration to create cleaner solutions for ships and work machines

Four Finnish higher education providers, the University of Vaasa, Aalto University, Tampere University and Åbo Akademi University, are engaged in establishing a research consortium together with the companies Wärtsilä and AGCO Power and other corporate and research partners. The research consortium sets out to create a roadmap towards low-emission seafaring technology and work machines and realise these objectives through innovation. The consortium also aims at developing flexible fuel technologies and estimating the effects of these on the entire value chain of the industries involved. Business Finland is financing the preparation project.

According to Maciej Mikulski, Associate Professor, Internal Combustion Engines at the University of Vaasa, the consortium hopes that the four Finnish universities that are part of the picture from the outset will subsequently be joined in the undertaking by a number of international research partners as well as 5-10 companies that have a desire to become committed to it, along with relevant legal and political partners.

“One significant aspect of the project is that it marks the first-ever collaboration of this magnitude between Wärtsilä and AGCO Power, two leading engine technology and energy production equipment manufacturers in Finland, for the purpose of rising to the challenge that concerns them both.”

The collaboration between the universities, Wärtsilä and AGCO Power will be complemented by fuel companies, after-treatment equipment manufacturers and providers of electrical energy production solutions.

The objective is to establish a joint research and innovation project and implement it in close collaboration between the members of the new consortium. The joint research project Clean Propulsion Technologies, a continuation of the current CleanShip preparation project, is scheduled to commence in 2021.

“What we need is willingness for joint development. A good level of trust has already been established between the parties, for the benefit of everyone. I am very positively surprised by how favourably the new project has been received,” says Mikulski.

Part of the Engine Research Initiative between Wärtsilä and four universities
CleanShip is part of ERI, the joint Engine Research Initiative between Wärtsilä and four leading Finnish higher education providers, the University of Vaasa, Aalto University, Tampere University and Åbo Akademi University.

“This ecosystem is intended to jointly determine the future direction of internal combustion engine research and secure funding for the research from Business Finland and other research funding bodies. Furthermore, it is important to build long-standing collaboration between universities and the Finnish industry in support of high-quality research. Already three ERI projects in different stages have received external research funding. CleanShip and its continuation Clean Propulsion Technologies are a prime example of this,” says Mikael Wideskog, General Manager at Wärtsilä’s Technology Strategy & Innovation Process.

“The projects that are part of the Engine Research Initiative are precisely focused on the currently topical research area of low-carbon energy solutions, which means that our university is very much up with the times,” says Seppo Niemi, Professor of Energy Technology at the University of Vaasa.

Aiming at a machinery solution that meets stringent emission requirements
Mikulski says that the upcoming Clean Propulsion Technologies research project, which is to follow the current preparation project, will involve development of virtual sensors for engines and after-treatment systems based on mathematical modelling as well as demonstration of new, extremely clean multi-fuel combustion technologies, to mention a couple of examples. These new solutions are then combined into a machinery system that utilises a number of different energy forms.

The goal is to develop a solution that meets the future requirements for emissions and greenhouse gases. The project is also set out to determine what sort of legal requirements and business models are related to the new technologies.

Advanced analytics and AI to enable better engine performance

AGCO Power is constructing higher-quality engines with the help of cloud-based analytics and AI platform

Insta is developing a data lake-based analytics and AI platform in cooperation with AGCO Power to process and utilize data from diesel engines. It enables AGCO Power’s R&D team to systematically review vast amounts of data and capture details about the operation of field test engines that previously went unnoticed. This way, engines are more stable when they are moved to serial production and operate more steadily under varying conditions. This is visible to end customers in improved quality. At the same time, it decreases AGCO Power’s warranty-related costs.

AGCO Power develops and builds engines for the machines of the world’s leading agricultural and work machine manufacturers. AGCO Power’s engines are famous for their durability and long service life. For the business and brand, it is critical to ensure that the products function properly under demanding field conditions and in actual work situations around the world.

The text is taken from the news on the Insta website. Read the full news and watch a video on the Insta website.

AGCO Power attending iVT Expo

AGCO Power is present at the iVT Expo In Cologne, 13-14.2!

You can find us at booth 4020! Come to discuss the challenges of the future and how we can power your vehicles of the future!

Summer jobs available

Application period for summer jobs 2019 is now open.

Open positions are listed here (mark Linnavuori in location filed) AGCO Careers

Please note that some open positions and application forms may be in Finnish only

AGCO Power at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair

AGCO Power is going to be at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair, Finland´s biggest student contact and recruiment event!

You will find us on Thursday 7.2.2019 in Konetalo building at our exhibition stand K12.

Are you interested in engines? Would you like to know what kind of knowledge is behind the manufacturing of the world class diesel engines?  Are you curious to know what backgrounds our employees have? Would you allow us to tell what kind of skills we will need in the future?

If you answered yes, please come to meet us at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair!

AGCO Power was awarded the valuable prize of export 2018

AGCO Power was given the valuable Prize of Tampere region Export Award by Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Tampere Junior Chamber International on 19 November. The award is an acknowledgment of long-term and determined development and manufacturing work of competitive products to the challenging export markets.


Export Award 2018 to AGCO Power

AGCO Power Inc., which is steadily growing on the off-road engine markets, has received the Tampere region Export Award 2018 granted by Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Tampere Junior Chamber International.

Last year AGCO Power’s net sales in Finland was 306 Million Euros. The company exports 75% of its engines outside of Finland and mounted in customer’s end products 95% of the engines end up in export markets. The largest export country is France, followed by Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, Italy and Brazil. Large amount of the engine production goes to AGCO’s factories around the world.

AGCO Power also manufactures gear wheels, with the largest export countries being Brazil and China, and Power Generators exported mainly to Africa.

In addition, AGCO Power’s strong know-how in Research and Development has played a critical role in developing the expertise of its own factories located in different countries.

“We have focused the research and development work in Nokia, even though products are manufactured also in China, Brazil and Argentina. The challenges of engine development are related to the fulfillment of emission requirements, and we want to be even ahead of the regulations. That’s why we keep the research and development work in Finland and responsibility in the Linnavuori factory. We want to ensure, among other things, the electronics and software know-how, and therefore we set up a research center in Tampere University of Technology, says CEO Juha Tervala.

The location of Finland is not ideal for a company that imports components and exports engines.

– You have to do things smarter than competitors in Central Europe. We have increased the degree of automation, we have more than hundred robots at the factory. We increase our productivity every year. We are not the cheapest, but when we compare the engine’s life cycle costs – fuel consumption and the maintenance costs – we are good. Of course, After Sales is important. You may never leave the customer alone.

At present, already 75 % of vehicles manufactured by AGCO are powered with an AGCO Power engine.

– The path is built so that the number will be 90 % in the future or even more. Over the next five years, the target will also be to more than double the exports to third party customers.

In export sales, AGCO Power trusts its own Sales and Marketing.

– In general, we are the main contact to the equipment manufacturer. Only a small number of contacts are handled through representatives.


Translated to English from the original text by Tampere Chamber of Commerce



Agco Power is attending Energia 2018 energy fair in Tampere 23.-25.10.

Energia 2018 gathers the fields best technology and machinery, toughest experts and operators and the most current topics. This energy fair offers the latest and most accurate information on energy production, transmission, distribution and storing.

Come and meet us and see our latest products at our stands A624 & U2.

AGCO Power at FinnMetko

AGCO Power is attending Finland’s biggest and most important heavy machinery industry exhibition in Jämsä 30.8.-1.9.

Come and meet us at our stands 764 & 766.

AGCO Power is Stage V Ready



We at AGCO Power are proud to announce that all our engine families have their lead engines approved for Stage V.

With tens of engines on the field and tens of thousands of test hours AGCO Power is well on track to support our customers
with meeting the new requirements set out by Stage V legislation.

If we are able to support you with Stage V, just let us know. It’d be our privilege!

AGCO Power Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

AGCO Power Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

 One Millionth Engine Leaves Factory

 DULUTH, GA, April 19, 2018 – AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of AGCO Power this year. AGCO Power is AGCO’s global engine brand known for top performance and durability. “AGCO´s engine business, known today as AGCO Power, has delivered industry leading engines and power generation solutions for 75 years,” said Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO, AGCO Corporation. “We are proud to celebrate this great heritage and to announce that the one millionth AGCO Power engine was produced at our factory in Linnavuori, Nokia, Finland.”

More than 70% of AGCO products run with an AGCO Power engine. AGCO Power has been pioneering the development of emission reduction technologies and was first to launch SCR technology in agricultural machinery back in 2008. Today, its engines meet and exceed the latest emission regulations in the EU and the U.S. complying with the Tier 4 emissions standards. What’s more, AGCO Power engines are ready for stage V. Dr. Helmut Endres, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Worldwide said “Within the EU, new emission regulations will be phased in gradually in 2019 and 2020. AGCO Power started its development for the stage V a number of years ago in order to be ready for the change. High-quality engines have already been tested in cooperation with our customers in the engine laboratory and in different applications.”

AGCO Power started manufacturing engines in Linnavuori 75 years ago. Later the factory became an important part of Valtra which was then acquired by AGCO in 2004. Ever since then AGCO has continuously invested in new product development, innovative engine technologies and increasing production capacities. Today, AGCO Power manufactures 3, 4, 6 and 7-cylinder diesel engines in four plants around the world, namely, in Linnavuori (Finland), Changzhou (China), Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) and General Rodriguez (Argentina). Production volumes have multiplied over the past decades and reached more than 100,000 engines annually.

AGCO Power’s innovations have resulted in significant improvements in the combustion process and thus offer customers excellent fuel economy.  Juha Tervala, AGCO Power’s Vice President and Managing Director, “As a pioneer in engine technology, AGCO Power will continue to invest in research and development to design reliable and durable engines for demanding off-road machinery applications. Among others, we are actively exploring renewable fuel alternatives and electric solutions. We are committed to develop the best engines that allow our customers to bring their input costs down.”


AGCO Power at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair

AGCO Power is going to be at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair, Finland´s biggest student contact and recruiment event!

You will find us on Thursday 8.2.2018 in Konetalo building at our exhibition stand K13.

AGCO Power student event

Are you interested in engines? Would you like to know what kind of knowledge is behind the manufacturing of the world class diesel engines?  Are you curious to know what backgrounds our employees have? Would you allow us to tell what kind of skills we will need in the future?

If you answered yes, please come to meet us at TUT Yrityspäivät job fair and participate also our contest. The winners will be invited to our traditional AGCO Power student event. You can find more information about the student event and how to participate to the contest here.

We have many great reasons to celebrate!

”We have many great reasons to celebrate! Our Linnavuori engine factory was established 75 years ago. During this autumn we will globally manufacture our millionth engine. Together with the whole Finnish nation we celebrate the Centennial of Finland’s Declaration of Independence.  In addition to all these – a few weeks ago we manufactured our hundred-thousandth XU-gearbox to Bombardier Rovaniemi factory. Now it is time to celebrate! ”

With the above words Juha Tervala, AGCO Power’s Vice President and Managing Director, opened Linnavuori engine factory’s 75th anniversary celebration at Scandic Rosendahl in Tampere.  All Linnavuori employees were invited to the party with their partners.  Around 850 people participated the event.

Managing Director Juha Tervala giving his speech.

Guests at Rosendahl

“AGCO Power Tractor Pulling” in XXL Team City Challenge 2017

XXL Team City Challenge is a event held annually in Tampere around August. The event is organized by the Tampere JCI- chapter.

It gathers over 1200 participants from the region. The participants compete in different activities which are scattered around the city. This year there was 38 different activities which tested all different aspects of the competitors including agility, logical thinking and raw power.

AGCO Power supported the event by organizing one of the activities i.e. Tractor Pulling. Usually Tractor pulling has meant something different, but this time the competitors got to pull the ~6300 kg weighing Valtra N124 hightech by using a rope. The teams got to do the task of the AGCO Power engines and physically feel why we say that “Power is our business”.

Once all the competitors had happily gotten back to the finishing line AGCO Power still received some positive feedback from the competitors. One of the top three teams mentioned that the “Tractor pulling”- was one of the most interesting experiences of the day!


Valtra hosts “Launch of all times” in Netherlands. Power Generation supporting it onsite

Valtra held a launch event in Klarenbeek – Netherlands. For the event they’d invited dealers and distributors from all around the world.

The event was focused on the launch of the new A-series tractor which completed Valtra’s 4th generation of tractors.

In the event Valtra also launched a new SmartTouch Armrest.

“Valtra Generators were our backup on our main show and main power source for our field stations, where visitors tested the features of the new products. We powered the field stations for almost three weeks without any issues. We received interested feedback for these units from all over the world” – Aapo Aijasaho, Manager, Product Marketing & Sales Engineering

VG60 powering the activities in Klarenbeek


Range of Valtra Generators on display at the Valtra product launch

Power Generation at Nampo 2017

AGCO Power – Power Generation at Nampo 2017

The generators of AGCO Power where on show in the NAMPO harvest day from 16th to 19th of June at the GSI South-Africa stand. NAMPO is the largest agricultural event in southern Africa. The show had this year over 75000 visitors and 685 exhibitors.

AGCO Power and GSI is offering Power Generation solutions together for turnkey projects in the region. Close co-operation between GSI South-Africa engineering and sales team  and respectively the AGCO Power teams ensures that the customers of GSI get the right solutions for their applications.

The AG60- generator that was presented at the show gathered around it good interest from the show visitors.

In addition to the products from AGCO Power GSI SA presented it solutions for grain handling, grain dryers, silos, arch bins and poultry housing. More information on the GSI SA offering can be found at their webpage.

AG60 on a prime location in NAMPO at the GSI South-Africa stand

Valtra and Massey Ferguson are awarded at Agrishow 2017

Yearly Agrishow was held in May in Brazil at Ribeirão Preto. AGCO product launches made the show extremely interesting. From the beginning of year 2017 Tier3 emission level engines are mandatory in the heavy line machines – locally this emission level is called as MAR-1.

Simultaneously with the MAR-1 compliant engine launch, Valtra and Massey Ferguson made significant improvements to their tractors. The hard work paid off as Centurion based Massey Ferguson 6700-serie tractor with AGCO Power 44 MD Common rail engine was awarded Tractor of the Year award in its engine power category. Also Valtra’s splendid new T-series tractor was awarded Tractor of the year award but in a higher engine power category. In addition to this the T-series tractor was awarded Best Machine award in the category above 200 hp.

The T-series tractor does not only have a new beautiful look but it also contains many significant technical improvements in addition to the award winning AGCO Power 74CW3 engine. From the customer point of view the most important new feature is most likely the new CVT gearbox, which is fully automatic and with unlimited range of speeds.

Read more about our awards and the Agrishow.

Valtra’s award winning T-series tractor with AGCO Power engine.

Agco Power engines awarded at SIMA International Agribusiness Show

Tractors with AGCO Power engines gained success at SIMA International Agribusiness Show in Paris. “Machine of the Year” awards in the tractor segment were given in the following categories:

Class ”S” – The winner was Valtra’s brand new fourth generation A-series tractor with ACGO Power three or four cylinder ECO-engine.

Class ”M” – The winner was MF 6718 S which is equipped with worlds most powerful four cylinder 200 horse power AGCO Power 49 engine.

Class ”L” – The winner was John Deere.

Class ”XL” – The winner was JCB 8000 series Fastrac powered with AGCO Power 84 engine.

Valtra’s Managing Director Jari Rautjärvi, AGCO Power’s new Managing Director Juha Tervala and former Managing Director Tomi Eero next to a newly launched Valtra A-series tractor.



AGCO POWER – Power Generation at VIV 2017 in Bangkok

AGCO POWER – Power Generation was attending the VIV 2017 exhibition, that was held  from 15th to 17th March in Bangkok, on the GSI booth.

GSI Group, member of AGCO family, is a world-wide leader in the agricultural equipment manufacturing business. Specializing in grain storage, conditioning and material handling equipment, GSI also manufactures a full line of poultry and swine production equipment including feeding and watering systems, feed delivery and storage equipment, ventilation systems, heaters, and controllers. Reliable energy supply is crusial for each facility and farm and therefore large number of visitors were very interested of the GSI’s ability to supply now turn-key projects with AGCO POWER  generators included.

The 60 kVA open genset shown on the fair is the smallest model in the highly anticipated range of generators equipped with AGCO POWER engines. Please check the full family on AGCO Power website at

More about GSI products in Asia can be found:



AGCO Power has been producing Power Generation products in China since year 2008. At the beginning of this year the production moved from Shanghai to Changzhou. It is now located in the same plant with AGCO Power engine production and  AGCO´s tractor production.  

Locating inside the same facility with other AGCO production does offer substantial benefits that enable future growth of Power Generation business also on the Asian market.

AGCO Power has currently Power Generation production along with engines in Finland, Brazil and China.



New Vice President and Managing Director for AGCO Power

Eero Tomi has retired from his position as Vice President and Managing Director, AGCO Power.
Effective from 1st January 2017, Juha Tervala is appointed to the position of Vice President and Managing Director, AGCO Power.


Juha Tervala joined AGCO Power in 1990 and holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Tampere. Juha has held Director positions in Purchasing, Sales & Marketing and Product Management in AGCO Power. From 2012 to 2015, Juha was in China setting up the engine manufacturing plant in Changzhou and had an overall responsibility of engine and generating set operations in China.

Eero Tomi handed over his operational responsibilities starting January 1st 2017 and will support his successor during a transition period until end of March 2017.

Eero Tomi served the company over 36 years and held the position of Managing Director, AGCO Power for 17 years. Under his leadership, the global engine production volume has nearly tripled and AGCO Power has become a world class engine manufacturer.


Are you responsible for the local water supply system even during a potential crisis? Or do you need to handle a transformer service without any breaks in the power supply? You can find the perfect solution from the AGCO Power line-up of mobile diesel generators.

AGCO Power has manufactured mobile diesel generators for decades. There are power levels for every single use. The entry level models are operated manually but also fully automatic and synchronized versions with remote controls are available. Other options include for example motorized cable reels and versatile cable connectors as seen on the picture below. The output power of the pictured unit is 250 kVA / 200 kW (prime power).

So feel free to ask more from the AGCO Power sales department and we’ll be glad to discuss what is the best solution for your needs!

An example of mobile generators available from AGCO Power

Product training for Agripro in Senegal

AGCO Power – Power Generation Sales and Marketing Manager Olli Heinonen met up with the team of AGRIPRO in Senegal for product and sales training for the Valtra Generators.

During the two day training Olli trained the AGRIPRO team subjects varying from “Introduction to AGCO POWER engines”, “Installation of generators”, “Competitive advantages of Valtra Generators” as well as the importance of regular maintenance.

The training event ended in practical hands on training in small groups around the unit.

“I’d like to thank the AGRIPRO team for a really positive approach to the subject as well as an active contribution to the training. It’s great to give training to a team that actively wants to hear more about all possible details.” – commented Olli on the general spirit of the training.

The participants of the training after a successful training day


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