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15 October 2021

AGCO Power’s engine functions as the heart of multipurpose Lännen

LMCE Group is an international corporation which designs and manufactures versatile machines for environmental construction done both on land and in water environments. One of LMCE Group’s most known products is the multipurpose Lännen. For nearly 20 years now, AGCO Power’s engines have been used to power these machines thanks to their advanced technology and ease of maintenance.

LMCE Group’s factory is located at Loimaa, Finland. The Business Director, Jari Nevalainen, is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing of multipurpose Lännen.

– Multipurpose Lännen, M-Model – call it what you will. We manufacture machines for both domestic and international customers. Our typical customers are different kinds of machine operators and public operators, such as the technical departments of cities, Nevalainen says.

Advanced technology and ease of maintenance

The cooperation between AGCO Power and LMCE Group dates back to the time when AGCO Power was still called Sisu Diesel. The cooperation with Sisu Diesel ended at the end of the 1980s, after which they used engines from other suppliers for a while. From 2002 onwards, LMCE Group has used AGCO Power’s engines.

– The engine functions as the heart of multipurpose Lännen, which metaphorically speaking pumps the blood into the body within the machine. We are talking about a very strategic partnership and a very critical component, Nevalainen emphasizes. 

The most important features to LMCE Group about the AGCO Power’s engines are their advanced technology and ease of maintenance. Because Lännen’s machines are delivered world-wide, their maintenance has to be guaranteed as well no matter which continent they are sold to.

– An open and trustworthy cooperation ties it all together – the technology and the ease of maintenance. Because of these elements, we have partnered with AGCO Power and will continue to work with them in the future, Nevalainen states.

– AGCO Power’s engines are also efficient. For example, the 4.9 litre, four-cylinder engine we use has been really good. We have been very pleased with it and count it as one of our strengths, Nevalainen continues.

Issues are resolved fast

According to Nevalainen, the cooperation with AGCO Power has worked well. One of the cornerstones of the cooperation is how any possible problematic situations are taken on and resolved.

– It is vital to us that if our customers run into any issues, they are resolved immediately. This has been the case and it has worked flexibly and fast enough for our needs, Nevalainen thanks.

– AGCO Power can definitely be recommended to other machine manufacturers as a good option. We have trusted them and we build our own future growth, development and internationalization on this trust from this day forward as well, Nevalainen states.