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2 November 2021

AGCO Power reveals line-up of world’s cleanest marine diesel engines

Through 20 years of research and development, AGCO Power has managed to reduce the most harmful particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions of its off-road diesel engines by up to 90 percent. AGCO Power reveals its new line-up of low emission marine diesel engines at the Europort maritime fair in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Emission legislation, which varies by region, has a major effect in design and development of diesel engines. Emissions of the AGCO Power engines are extremely low, and all its engines clearly fall below all global emission standards, which is a rarity.

“Emission legislation is a good basis, but we won’t stop there. We want what’s best for people’s health and the environment, therefore we fall well below current emission standards without compromising performance. One could say we “overdeliver” in engine cleanliness. For decades engines produced large amounts of smoke. Today emission levels are so low that there is no visible smoke at all”, states Jarmo Tuorila, Sales & Marketing Director of AGCO Power.

AGCO Power has managed to lower emissions by utilizing SCR technology and by using common rail fuel injection in majority of its engines. SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction, utilizes a catalytic cleaning method to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions by turning the NOx into nitrogen and water.

New marine engine line-up

AGCO Power’s roots are in Finland, which has one of the largest marine industries in the world. In the Europort maritime fair in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2.-5.11.2021) AGCO Power reveals two new diesel marine engine models in the 130-221 kW power range. Although AGCO Power is best known for its agricultural and off-road engines, the company has over 75 years of experience in marine engine design and manufacturing.

“Emission standards for engines over 130 kilowatts are tighter than in the lower power ranges. Our strength is in making high power rate engines utilizing clean technology”, says Tapani Katila, head of the marine engine project.

AGCO Power marine engines are used in e.g., working boats, fishing vessels, ferries and water taxis.

“Vessels equipped with a heavy-duty engine are in constant use, unlike leisure boats, which requires a higher level of reliability and performance from the engine. Our background is in agricultural and forestry engines, which are some of the most demanding applications out there. AGCO Power engines perform in extreme circumstances – a tractor must work during the summer heat as well as in the cold of winter. We test our AGCO Power marine engines the same way”, Katila explains.

The most environmentally friendly diesel fuels, such as renewable HVO fuels, are burned cleanly in AGCO Power engines.

Key information:

  • New AGCO Power IMO Tier III / Stage V compliant marine engines come available during 2022
  • New models: 4-cylinder 49LFEN and 6-cylinder 74LFEN
  • Power range: 130-221 kW
  • AGCO Power marine engines are not mass-produced but tailor-made to meet customer needs. This way the engines have good fuel economy and lifespan, leading to lower costs and carbon footprint overall.