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19 April 2022

AGCO Power’s occupational safety ranks high in Finland

AGCO Power receives 2nd best rank in work safety

AGCO Power’s occupational safety was given the 2nd best rank in Vision Zero Summit 2021 by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Central to the ranking is internalising the importance of occupational safety and continuous avoidance of hazards and accidents.

Criteria for the ranking consists of the number of accidents that have taken place and their severity, for example. In order to be ranked a company has to have processes in place to investigate workplace accidents and to report potential hazards.

When an accident happens, a thorough investigation is carried out and the root cause for the accident is removed. We have made extensive risk analyses and have a systematic process to proactively avoid accidents and remove hazards. Safety observations made by personnel are central to a proactive occupational safety culture”, says Mr. Juha Randell, EHS Manager for AGCO Power.

Fortunately, the most serious accidents have been avoided. As AGCO Power’s operations continue growing globally, improving, and expanding occupational safety processes is a crucial and a constant process.

More information about the ranking on Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s website (in Finnish and Swedish).