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8 November 2023

AGCO Power CORE eHydrogen concept – the best of hydrogen combustion and mild hybrid technologies

Hydrogen is clean and abundant fuel, so no wonder there have been great expectations about an entire hydrogen-based economy. Hydrogen can power an internal combustion engine directly or it can produce electricity in a fuel cell. The AGCO Power CORE eHydrogen concept engine showcases the possibilities of hydrogen combustion and mild hybrid technology.

Using hydrogen as fuel demands flexibility from the engine construction. As the AGCO Power CORE engine platform has been designed to use alternative fuels, the basic engine construction can remain unchanged.

“Our concept engine is a CORE50 5-liter engine that has been fitted with a cylinder head with  spark plugs and other components for a spark ignition system,” says Jouko Järvinen, Manager, Research & Advanced Engineering. “Of course, the fuel system is different as well.” 

Electric drivetrain

Hybrid electric technology is another direction the CORE platform is ready to take. The eHydrogen concept engine is fitted with electric drivetrain components. Combined with a battery pack, they give the engine extra power and torque. 

“The torque and responsiveness of electricity complement the hydrogen engine particularly well,” Jouko Järvinen says. “Hydrogen offers quick refueling and steady power, while electricity offers boost when needed.” 

AGCO Power focuses on creating practical solutions for future power needs. As the zero-emission farming calls for a wider spectrum of power, the best properties of hydrogen and electric combined will have their place on the roadmap.