Spare Parts

Engines’ reliability and long life cycle are ensured by using original OEM components. Features and physical fit of original spare parts are always correct, which ensures fast installation and flawless function. This makes original parts also competitive in price-quality ratio.

The down time of the work machine is minimized and productivity is maximized. Availability of spare parts is ensured even for older models. In addition the R&D improvements that have been done during the product’s life cycle are taken into account also in spare parts.

In addition to single spare parts, AGCO Power offers many solutions for fixing the engine and it’s components. For this purpose we offer special tools and repair kits. We also provide documentation and instructions for maintenance and repair.

AGCO Power produces different engine versions for spare parts purposes. These include short blocks, long blocks and complete engines as factory repaired REMAN-versions as well as new versions depending on the age and type of the original engine. REMAN-engine is a safe and cost effective way to lengthen a machine’s lifetime, because their delivery time is fast and the costs are competitive and well known in advance. Remanufacturing is done using only original parts and by adhering to standardized quality processes and the enviromental norms of waste treatment.

In addition, a consideration for compensation is paid for the returned original engine core. Also single components, like parts for injection systems, are available as REMAN-versions.

To ensure the validity of the ordered engine / component, customers must clarify the engine serial number before the enquiry–order phase. This information is needed to serve customers as effectively as possible.

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