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21 October 2021

A machine to trust

Ljungby Maskin in Småland is a reputable wheel loader manufacturer of the size 9-30 tons. They develop and manufacture their machines in close collaboration with their customers and they constantly want to be at a leading edge.

For a manufacturer characterized by machines with powerful engines with low fuel consumption and low sound level in the cabin, the engine is of course something of the heart of the machine. Without it, other advantages such as high lift, small turning radius and good visibility play less of a role in the competition. So when the EU introduced the new standards for exhaust emissions and the previous supplier had difficulties meeting this, they searched for new alternatives. 

– We soon got hooked on the AGCO engines. Our focus is to have a machine with “superior performance”, which we weigh – it should perform a little better than the competition in all areas and the engine is of course a vital part of it, says Markus Möller, marketing and sales manager at Ljungby Maskin. 

A party to develop with

– Our part is to develop wheel loaders with the best lift units, tools and functions. That is what we are best at. AGCO’s role is to provide us with engines that enable our machines to perform this job. They listened to us and came up with solutions and answers quite instantly. That’s when we felt that this is a partner we want to continue to develop with. 

With a production of around 100 000 engines annually, ACGO Power is known for delivering reliability and high operational reliability in difficult conditions. That’s exactly what Ljungby Maskin also stands and asks for. Therefore, these two finding each other felt quite natural. 

– It is sometimes difficult for someone to listen to you, but AGCO really did. They took us seriously and came up with the answers we needed. When I talk to my colleagues on sales and service, they say the same thing. They find it fast, easy and straightforward to communicate with them. 

Know their engines 

For Markus Möller, this is a collaboration that will continue. 

– It is really important that the engines have low fuel consumption and that they are powerful and reliable. At the same time, it must be nicely packaged and the engines must fit in our machines. AGCO certainly live up to that. I can really recommend the AGCO engines to all manufacturers of forestry machines, forklifts and so on. They know what they are talking about and they know their engines, he finishes.