Global brand in diesel engines

AGCO Power has made diesel engines at its plant in Linnavuori in the town of Nokia for nearly 70 years. The production technology of this modern facility was completely renovated in 2005–2007.

The acquisition of AGCO Power made by the US AGCO Corporation and the associated investments – tens of millions of euros – have made AGCO Power one of the world's leading makers of diesel engines. In 2008 Sisu Diesel was branded AGCO SISU POWER and in 2012 company was renamed into AGCO Power.

The plant manufactures more than 30,000 diesel engines annually and has approx. 700 employees.

AGCO Power supplies the engines to many of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors and other farm machinery. It is also the engine of choice for a large number of other applications around the world.

AGCO Power is a leader in engine technology; its new Citius series Common Rail engines that meet the latest European and North American emission standards are excellent proof of this. AGCO Power has always taken environmental concerns to heart, which is the reason why the engines also can use environmentally friendly biofuels.

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