Spare Parts

The use of high quality, genuine AGCO POWER spare parts ensures working reliability and long working life for engines. The price-quality ratio of a genuine spare part is also very competitive.

The right spare part for the engine is delivered swiftly and flexibly by AGCO Power Spare Part Sales and extensive partnership network. The genuine spare part is designed to fit perfectly to the engine by characteristics and dimensions. This ensures easy and quick installation.

AGCO Power Spare Parts sales use the latest engineering modifications. The availability of spare parts is guaranteed for at least 10 years after production of engine type is finished. In practice spare parts are available for engine models even more than 30 years. In case manufacture of a spare part is finished, it will be replaced with a repair kit, which includes the new spare part and any additional modification parts possibly needed.

Power Generation -spare parts

When procuring a standby power plant or a sprinkler pump plant that is intended to maintain safety, it is a good idea to ensure its reliability. Only regular and professional service and inspection can ensure reliable operations.

AGCO Power maintenance and spare parts services offer skill and know-how built on decades of designing and manufacturing diesel engines and generator plants:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Spares from the factory warehouse
  • Maintenance and repair on-site
  • Know-how of electrical and automation systems
  • Start-up and training
  • Overhaul of old plants
  • Modernization of automation.

The Power generator or diesel pump in question must be identified for maintenance or spare parts.

Before contacting AGCO Power's product support, check the data plate of generating set or pump set for its register number.

If you cannot locate it, provide other information to help in identification:

  • engine type and serial number
  • purpose of use
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